What We Deliver

Major oil companies, truck stop operators and fuel wholesalers rely on our high quality, ultra-low carbon biodiesel. Crimson consistently delivers fuel that exceeds ASTM D6751 specifications and comes from the lowest carbon feedstocks available, as well as full service logistics and a variety of timing and pricing structures. This combination of  quality, service and contract flexibility provides the highest degree of responsiveness to customers and supply chain partners.

Collect. Refine. Refuel.

Our biodiesel is made from used cooking oil collected from thousands of restaurants and food service establishments across the West Coast. Our subsidiary SeQuential services business across California and brings the oil to our Bakersfield plant, where it is transformed into the lowest carbon fuel available in the region.  That process is repeated at the SeQuential biodiesel plant in Salem, enabling us to further cement our role as the largest biodiesel supplier in the West.

Total Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to excellence and quality is the cornerstone of our biodiesel operations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our biodiesel meets or exceeds the highest industry standards for fuel quality, storage and handling. This includes ASTM D6751 specifications as well as those of our customers and terminal operators.

Support for Our Customers

Leading refiners, wholesale distributors and retailers are using biodiesel blends as the most economic means to improve the environmental performance of petroleum-based diesel fuel as required by various state and federal regulations.

As needed, Crimson provides support and education concerning biodiesel storage and handling to ensure a successful experience with our product.

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Learn how Crimson can help expand your renewable energy future with ultra-low carbon biodiesel.
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jobs supported by the biodiesel industry

units of renewable energy returned for every one unit of fossil energy used to produce biodiesel

billion lbs of inputs used to produce USA biodiesel in 2015

minutes to load a truck with Crimson ultra-low carbon biodiesel

How to Work with Us

Crimson is the premier California supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. We provide a variety of timing, logistics, and pricing structures to best suit client needs. Equally important, we offer our supply chain partners the highest degree of flexibility, consistency, and financial stability.
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Renewable energy plant takes waste and creates ultra-low carbon biodiesel

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Crimson Renewable Energy and SeQuential Join Forces for West Coast Biodiesel Production

With SeQuential, Crimson Renewable gains increased feedstock supply options for its biodiesel production facility, and expands its ability to provide ultra-low carbon biodiesel to customers up and down the West Coast.
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California’s Biodiesel Choice Is a Good One

A Wall Street Journal article reports that CARB data indicates that biodiesel provided over 41% of California’s total reduction of 47.1 million metric tons in climate-changing gases from fuel use, more than any other fuel.
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Bio-based Diesel Fuels Deliver the Biggest Reductions in Transportation-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California – Ever

New Data from California’s Air Resources Board Confirms Key Role of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels in CO2 Reductions.
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U.S. Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration to view the latest data.
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Biodiesel Laws and Incentives in California

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