Ultra-Low Carbon Biodiesel

Crimson is California’s largest producer of biodiesel. Our advanced biodiesel scores below 20 gCO2e/MJ via California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard carbon intensity model, making it an ultra-low carbon fuel.

Our Commitment to Communities

Crimson’s ultra-low carbon biodiesel provides local, regional and global benefits such as high-paying jobs, increased local and regional demand for goods and services, cleaner air, and significant carbon reductions.

What We Deliver

Crimson offers a variety of term, logistics, and pricing structures to meet the varying needs of counter-parties and supply chain partners who purchase our ultra-low carbon biodiesel.

The Future of Fuels

Renewable transportation fuels like Crimson’s ultra-low carbon biodiesel, used alongside conventional petroleum diesel, deliver more sustainable energy sources that help address climate change and reduce environmental impacts.

We Turn Waste Into Fuel

Crimson is making important contributions to America’s renewable energy future. As the largest producer of ultra-low carbon biodiesel in California, we take pride in our innovations and efforts to develop local sustainable energy. Explore our site to see how we’re contributing to the future of fuels.

Ultra-Low Carbon Biodiesel

Ultra-Low Carbon Biodiesel

Ultra-low carbon biodiesel is a sustainable, cleaner-burning diesel substitute that reduces emissions by 80+% while boosting engine performance and longevity.

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what we deliver

What We Deliver

We offer ultra-low carbon biodiesel that meets or exceeds ASTM D6751 specifications with robust logistics, tailored contract pricing and structures to meet varying client needs.

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community benefits

Community Benefits

Crimson’s ultra-low carbon biodiesel delivers high- quality, high- paying careers, cleaner air, and boosts demand for local goods and services in local communities.

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Learn how Crimson can help expand your renewable energy future with
ultra-low carbon biodiesel.


reduction in hydrocarbon emissions from biodiesel use

units of renewable energy returned for every one unit of fossil energy used to produce biodiesel


amount of waste material Crimson uses to produce biodiesel


reduction in hazardous waste from biodiesel production vs petrodiesel

How to Work with Us

Crimson is the premier California supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. We provide a variety of timing, logistics, and pricing structures to best suit client needs. Equally important, we offer our supply chain partners the highest degree of flexibility, consistency, and financial stability.

Renewable energy plant takes waste and creates ultra-low carbon biodiesel

23ABC was invited to see how the Crimson Renewable lab takes waste materials, such as cooking oil from thousands of restaurants, and turns it into ultra-low carbon fuel — while adding jobs to the local economy.

California’s Biodiesel Choice Is a Good One

A Wall Street Journal article reports that CARB data indicates that biodiesel provided over 41% of California’s total reduction of 47.1 million metric tons in climate-changing gases from fuel use, more than any other fuel.

Bio-based Diesel Fuels Deliver the Biggest Reductions in Transportation-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California – Ever

New Data from California’s Air Resources Board Confirms Key Role of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels in CO2 Reductions.

U.S. Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration to view the latest data.

Biodiesel Laws and Incentives in California

Visit the U.S. Department of Energy for summaries of the latest California laws and incentives related to biodiesel.


We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. Discover how you can pursue rewarding career opportunities in the high-tech world of advanced biofuels.