Ultra-Low Carbon Biodiesel

Crimson is California’s largest producer of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. Our BQ-9000 Accredited plant produces fuel that exceeds ASTM D6751 specifications, and meets individual end-user and terminal specifications year-round. Crimson’s biodiesel is a cleaner-burning fuel that significantly reduces carbon emissions while helping boost the longevity and performance of diesel engines.

What is ultra-low carbon biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a “drop in” diesel fuel that can be used in any diesel engine, typically in blends with petroleum-based diesel fuel.

Ultra-low carbon biodiesel is an advanced biofuel that achieves less than 20g CO2e/MJ via California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Crimson’s biodiesel releases 80% less carbon than petroleum diesel.

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Renewable Fuel

Crimson recycles waste and other inedible oils such as used cooking oil, inedible animal fats and inedible distiller’s corn oil into ultra-low carbon, clean burning biodiesel.

Reduces Harmful Pollutants

The higher the percentage content of biodiesel (B20 vs. B5), the greater the reduction in CO, CO2, hydrocarbons, particulate matter emissions, and carbon output.

Increases Energy Independence

American-made, renewable fuel reduces dependence on foreign oil and fuels.


Biodiesel contains no hazardous materials and it biodegrades faster than diesel. Its use is preferred in environmentally sensitive areas.


Equipment or engine modifications are not necessary. Biodiesel can be stored in existing diesel fuel tanks and pumped with existing equipment.

Improves Lubricity

High solvent and lubricity properties of biodiesel reduce wear and extend component life compared to ultra-low sulfur diesel.

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ultra-low carbon biodiesel.


reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from using biodiesel


reduction in hydrocarbon emissions from biodiesel use


reduction in hazardous waste from biodiesel production vs petroleum diesel refining


amount of waste material Crimson uses to produce ultra-low carbon biodiesel

How to Work with Us

Crimson is the premier California supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel. We provide a variety of timing, logistics, and pricing structures to best suit client needs. Equally important, we offer our supply chain partners the highest degree of flexibility, consistency, and financial stability.

Renewable energy plant takes waste and creates ultra-low carbon biodiesel

23ABC was invited to see how the Crimson Renewable lab takes waste materials, such as cooking oil from thousands of restaurants, and turns it into ultra-low carbon fuel — while adding jobs to the local economy.

California’s Biodiesel Choice Is a Good One

A Wall Street Journal article reports that CARB data indicates that biodiesel provided over 41% of California’s total reduction of 47.1 million metric tons in climate-changing gases from fuel use, more than any other fuel.

Bio-based Diesel Fuels Deliver the Biggest Reductions in Transportation-Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California – Ever

New Data from California’s Air Resources Board Confirms Key Role of Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Fuels in CO2 Reductions.

U.S. Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration to view the latest data.

Biodiesel Laws and Incentives in California

Visit the U.S. Department of Energy for summaries of the latest California laws and incentives related to biodiesel.