Environmental Technician

Work Location: Bakersfield, CA
Reports To:EHS Manager
Supervisor Responsibilities: None

Job Purpose

The Environmental Technician is responsible for maintaining Regulatory and Environmental programs and activities within the Plant, and driving the Environmental Health and Safety (“EHS”) strategy deployment to a zero incident culture. Under the direction of the EHS Manager, this position implements all environmental plans, procedures, and training programs. It participates and/or assists in internal and external EHS-related audits and inspections and is responsible for a variety of EHS-related reporting and record keeping requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities Include the Following:

  • Ensures compliance with environmental plans and procedures
    • Assists EHS Manager with ensuring that the company and its operations comply with all applicable regulations, mitigates potential liabilities and helps avoid regulatory infractions. The regulatory scope includes, but is not limited to: local, state, and/or federal environmental and air/emissions regulatory bodies, the Department of Transportation and Rail Commission.
    • Lead the implementation review of policies, standards and procedures to comply with applicable permits and regulations.
    • Enforce standards to ensure the organization achieves and maintains compliance.
    • Maintain proactive lines of communication with all levels of management to keep all parties informed of regulatory changes.
    • Provide regulatory oversight, leadership and direction to personnel regarding the day-to-day compliance with permits and regulations.
    • Analyze the various options for complying with new regulations as well as changes to regulations and permits.
    • Understand laws, regulations and permit requirements; stay abreast of the changing regulatory landscape to anticipate and shape potential new requirements.
    • Coordinate periodic plant audits to ensure that the applicable regulatory requirements are being implemented.
    • Work closely with all departments and employees to contribute technical and regulatory expertise necessary for optimal operation and management of assets.
    • Assess potential regulatory consequences of significant changes in project operations.
    • Participate in incident investigations, root cause analysis and corrective action implementation.
    • Provide coaching, assistance and tools to all levels of the business to promote and drive a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Provides environmental technical skills
    • Understands APCD permit conditions and is able to analyze data from gas monitors and chemical samples.
    • Ensure all environmental testing equipment is properly maintained, calibrated, labeled, and otherwise in compliance with all applicable regulatory standards.
    • Able to meet strict regulatory deadlines to maintain compliance.
    • Utilizes regulatory calendar to ensure action items are met.
  • Other EH&S and Related Reporting and Record Keeping
    • Maintain up-to-date internal chemicals inventory list.
    • Maintain Safety Data Sheet book for all chemicals onsite.

Contact for Qualified Candidates

For qualified candidates, please email resume to jo********@cr**************.com