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Crimson Renewable Energy and its subsidiary SeQuential Biodiesel are producers of renewable transportation fuels; specifically, we are the largest producer of biodiesel in California and Oregon. Crimson customers ranging from major oil companies such as Chevron, Valero, and Philips 66 to truck stop operators such as Pilot Flying J and Love’s count on Crimson as a reliable and consistent supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel.

Crimson currently employs over 250 people, and is a privately owned, closely-held company. Throughout its growth trajectory, Crimson has held onto its startup culture characterized by the pursuit of excellence combined with an emphasis on customer responsiveness, integrity, strong work ethic, teamwork, and accountability at all levels. In summary, we work very hard to do a better job than our competitors in operational and back-office execution and managing the myriad market and commodity risks inherent in our business.

Position Overview

The Maintenance Manager directs and coordinates the utilization of resources to achieve strategic maintenance and reliability objectives in the most efficient, economic means for three process departments at the Bakersfield location. They oversee the Maintenance Technicians and will be responsible for delegating tasks, tracking department metrics, analyzing employee performance and developing personnel. Additionally, they serve as a strategic partner to Operations leadership, providing guidance on maintenance and equipment related matters.

Essential Functions

General Maintenance and Repair Management

  • Oversee maintenance and repair of all company equipment in a way that ensures maximum production efficiency and safety
  • Maintain a good understanding of auxiliary equipment such as water systems, air compressors, boilers, cooling towers, etc.
  • Cyclically oversee the use chemical additives to avoid calcification, clogging, and general degradation of boilers and coolers
  • Schedule planned and unplanned repairs including hotwork, confined space entry, and mechanical adjustments while adhering to all safety protocols
  • Monitor all hotwork and confined space entry procedures and activities. Verify work is done in a safe and timely manner. Ensure equipment is in good working order
  • Triage Maintenance and repairs at location, ensuring pertinent issues are fixed in a timely fashion, prevent avoidable plant disruption
  • Understand “production schedules” and work with management to deploy maintenance in a manner that is productive and results in minimum downtime

Staff and Workflow Management

  • Collaborate with Director of Operations to hire, train, and develop Maintenance Technicians
  • Partner with Engineers and production floor to troubleshoot safety, maintenance, compliance and process concerns
  • Partner with appropriate parties to make long term financial maintenance recommendations
  • Supervise Maintenance Technicians during assigned shift
  • Manage refining maintenance activities including planning, scheduling, monitoring, forecasting, resource allocation and cost control
  • Manage maintenance department workforce and contractors, maintain performance expectations and ensure delivery of expected outcomes


  • Support overall facility planning activities in regards to new equipment installations, building changes, and process arrangement in support of business needs
  • Act in a safe manner in the workplace at all times taking immediate action to prevent unsafe behaviors. Ensure all members of the Engineering /Maintenance Team perform work safely and in compliance with environmental regulations
  • Participate in Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) with appropriate partners of each area. Understand the ‘management of change program’ and pre-post start-up on new installs
  • Ensure that operations have a 24 hour capability to undertake Emergency Response
  • Make SOP update recommendations
  • Maintain/test integrated fire and security system as necessary
  • Regularly perform safety audits; prioritize and respond to all concerns
  • Participate in Safety meetings monthly

Administrative activities

  • Maintain accurate lists of existing equipment spec
  • Utilize appropriate management software to input maintenance and safety data
  • Record test measurements of various equipment and log data in an organized and timely fashion
  • Provide audit assistance (act as 3rd party) for areas not under direct purview
  • Participate in Operations meetings monthly
  • Continually communicate needs, expenses, anticipated production disruptions, etc., to appropriate managers
  • Maintain facilities related reports and spreadsheets
  • Manage Maintenance Budget—strive for continual cost savings via smart vendor management, comparative parts shopping, prudent pm scheduling,

Preferred Education and Experience

  • 4+ years industrial mechanical experience
  • Expert level of computerized maintenance software knowledge
  • Must be able to operate, troubleshoot and have thorough understanding of processing equipment (vacuum, heating and cooling systems, valves, pipes, pumps, compressors, chillers, etc.)
  • Proficient knowledge and application of MS Office
  • Strong Familiarity with EMaint, and ability to use platform for workflow management, maintenance, reporting, scheduling, inventory management etc.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Experience working with vendors
  • Welding/fabrication knowledge or ability to learn from skilled team members
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication; English literacy (multilingual applicants encouraged to apply)
  • Ability to work as part of a team; good interpersonal and problem-solving skills; customer service oriented; organized and responsive
  • Ability to develop rapport among staff in a fast-paced work environment
  • Passion for Biofuels and sustainability along with a “can do” attitude
  • Exceptional time management skills

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to stand, sit, walk, push, pull, and carry materials under 100 pounds daily
  • Ability to wear protective equipment on the head, face, hands, and feet, including a welding helmet, in accordance with safety requirements
  • Ability to work in varying noise levels and to wear hearing protection as required
  • Ability to work for long period outdoors in ambient temperature and precipitation extremes typical of Bakersfield, California.

Compensation and Benefits

We know how important it is to have predictability in your earnings and that’s why we have dedicated company resources to ensuring your compensation is fair and transparent. We work hard to make sure our pay is in line with industry standards in each of our geographic regions so that you will be paid fairly for your work.

We have a generous Benefits package that includes affordable Health, Vision, and Dental options as well as a robust 401k matching program.

When you onboard with us you’ll also get 9 paid holidays per year, and you will start out accruing PTO at a rate of 3 weeks per year.

We look forward to your application!

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